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Website Development + Web Apps

At Jthomas concepts, we develop websites and web applications using reliable tools and proven frameworks. This allows for a firm foundation on which we build the ideas you’re so passionate about. This results in not only a modern, fully functional website, but a website that clearly communicates and executes your ideas on both a functional and presentational level.

Graphic Design + Brand Development

We want to make your brand into a lasting impression! In today’s visually driven environment, your graphical image plays a significant role in whether you’re successful in securing the attention and trust of your intended audience. Successful verbal communication is more than a combination of random words. The same goes for successful graphical communication. There’s a lot more to it than simply image and text. It has to be properly structured and centered on the many nuances of visual communication that’s often forgotten. Your ideas deserve to be well represented visually. Your success may very well depend on it. We can help you!

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Joe Sparano


“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

David Carson


“Never mistake legibility for communication.”

David Consuegra


"Because the eye has seen, thoughts are structured upon images and not upon ideas."

Visia team

Some of Our Clients

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  • “The Grand Bahama Port AUthority”

  • “Invest Grand Bahama”

  • “Lucaya International School”

  • “Immerse Bahamas”

  • “700 Partners”